Principal's Message

TCHS Principal's Message


We are excited to continue growing and developing as Taber Christian High school (TCHS)!  We have had a successful first few years and are excited to build on this in our current year!  Our school first opened doors in the fall of 2020. For the first 2 years we met in the newly completed expansion area of the Taber Christian Reformed Church.   In our first year, we offered grade 10 programming and then added grade 11 in the 2021/22 school year.  In the fall of 2022, we were excited to begin our time in our beautiful new facility as a grade 9 - 12 school.  

We are an interdenominational, Christ centered school that seeks to honor God and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all our learning.  We have done this through the work of the staff, with the support of our parent society board and the Horizon school division.  We also have a partnership with the Prairie Center for Christian Education which supports our efforts to offer authentic and meaningful learning experiences that helps students grow academically, which also engaging their heads, hearts and hands.

Starting as a new and smaller school enabled us to create a very close-knit atmosphere.  Students have regular access to staff for support with learning as well as for support in planning for the future.  Staff are committed Christian leaders that can also offer life guidance and advice that supports our students and families. 

A focus of our school is to teach holistically.  We want students to be engaged in leadership, and to be culture shapers of the school (as opposed to passive recipients).  Education is about more than thinking, it is also about acting and engaging.  We feel this also generates a high level of education.  We see students as image bearers and as such we want to challenge them to develop their God given gifts.  This means we strive for excellence in all related fields of learning (including our budding sports programs - Go Lions!) and seek to challenge students in a effort to help them grow.

For many years, a Christian high school in the community of Taber has been discussed. After a lot of efforts by staff and volunteers the TCHS program is up and running!   We are very grateful and blessed to be able to move forward in this venture.  As with anything we do, we give thanks to our Creator and Sustainer and prayerfully seek to follow His calling in moving forward.  If you would like more information about our school and what we are doing, do not hesitate to call (403 359 3835), email ( or pop in!


Jason Visser


"The school that my child attends creates an incredible community of faith, love, compassion and desire to serve others."         TCHS Parent