Staff Directory

TCHS Teachers/Administration

Photo of Miriam Bekkering

Mrs. Miriam Bekkering

Biology and Learning Support Teacher

Photo of James Fuller

Mr. James Fuller

English, Christian Studies, Science 10, Outdoor Ed and Construction teacher

Photo of Kelsi Gilbert

Ms. Kelsi Gilbert

English, Social Studies & Art

Photo of Gibion Makiwa

Mr. Gibion Makiwa

Physics, Chemistry and Computer Options

Photo of Nikki Ohlman

Mrs. Nikki Ohlman

Math, Science, Art and Foods Teacher

Photo of Juliana Richard

Mrs. Juliana Richard

Math, Chemistry, Christian Studies, and Band teacher

Photo of Jason Visser

Mr. Jason Visser

Principal / English, Christian Studies and Options Teacher

Photo of Mr. Philip Vriend

Mr. Philip Vriend

English, CALM, PE and Options Teacher / Athletic Director

TCHS Support Staff

Photo of Dina Duggan

Ms. Dina Duggan

Educational Assistant

Photo of Debbie Henry

Ms. Debbie Henry

Education Assistant

Photo of Tanya Hoekstra

Mrs. Tanya Hoekstra


placeholder image for Greta Martens Wall

Mrs. Greta Martens Wall

Photo of Trudy Neufeld

Mrs. Trudy Neufeld

Education Assistant

Taber Christian Society Manager

Photo of Kim Scheurkogel

Kim Scheurkogel


Custodial staff

placeholder image for Tina Wolfe

Mrs. Tina Wolfe

School Custodian