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TCHS Chapel

For two Tuesday's a week, TCHS will hold chapels. Student praise teams will take turns leading praise and worship. 

The list of chapels and speakers are as follows:

On Tuesday, Sept 12: Theme: Gracious Collaboration.  The speaker was TCHS teacher Mr. James Fuller 

Tuesday, Sept 26: Theme: Gratitude.  The speaker was TCS teacher / Pastor Mr. A.  Mr. A spoke about Jonah and the ability to give thanks even in challenging circumstances. 

Wednesday, Oct. 11 (re-scheduled) Theme: Thanksgiving.  The speaker was TCHS teacher Mr. Vriend.  Mr. Vriend talked about  being thankful and being aware of how things like hardship, entitlement and being self-centered can rob us of the gift of gratitude. 

Tuesday, November 7 - Remembrance Day. Reflections on the Canadian war effort (sacrifice, courage and peace keeping) were shared. Lest we forget

This year students have been introduced to five Habits of Learning. These habits were developed by TCHS staff as ways in which we want TCHS students to develop.  The habits are as follows:

-Gracious Collaborator: God calls us to further His kingdom…in order to do this we must be able to work with others in school, in our families, at our workplaces etc.

-Servant Leader: Part of our calling is to serve others. This can involve taking a lead and initiating action 

-Responsible Contributor: Students need to see that they have a role to play in God's story.  Students also see that contributing helps them reach their potential. 

-Reflective Thinker: Reflection allows students to think deeply.  It allows students to consider next steps, their own motivation, needs and the needs of others. 

-Courageous Designer: Having an ability to design allows students to consider various organizational principles. Design requires courage in that students are encouraged to rise up and meet a challenge. 

For more information see the link below

TCHS Habits Of Learning




TCHS Chapels

Images taken from chapel celebrations

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